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This course which you are about to embark on will provide you with everything you need, in terms of knowledge and preparation for the recruitment process. Our trainers have vast amounts of experience world wide with various airlines, so we can teach you everything you need to know about the role as crew.


Our course is designed to prepare you for the job, and the recruitment process the airlines take you through. By Liaising with HR specialists worldwide we are aware of the needs of current airlines our course is constantly updated to ensure you have the right skills for the desired airlines. Modules will be assessed; this is to show you have grasped the understanding required to progress. There will be no exam room situations; you are free to study in your own home at your own speed. Here is what you'll learn;

Future Cabin Crew - 20 Modules To Success

  • Basic Requirements
  • Personal presentation (grooming)
  • The role and its understanding
  • Knowledge of an aircraft and its layout
  • Types of airlines
  • Airport codes
  • Time zones and Times
  • Airline Terminology
  • Regulatory Authorities
  • New joiners
  • Crew Resource Management CRM
  • Ticketing methods
  • Selling duty free items and dealing with currency
  • Safety and emergency equipment
  • Conduct off the aircraft
  • Examinations and their occurrences
  • Factors which disrupt a smooth flight
  • Useful information in and out of the role as cabin crew
  • Passenger journey
  • Commercial aircraft used by airlines
  • Full Recruitment Guide