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See our most Frequently asked questions below.
If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our advisors will respond to you as quickly as possible.


How is the reading material sent to me?

All the course content is available online for you to read and study. Once you sign up the modules are easily accessed through the comfort of your own computer.

If I need advice whom do I contact?

There is a link at the top of the page that will direct you to us.

What is the minimum age that airlines recruit from?

UK based airlines recruit from the age of 18, whereas overseas based airlines choose the age of 21, this is so they are able to serve alcohol.

Are the modules in order of importance?

All the modules are there to provide you with the fundamentals needed to be successful as a cabin crew. Each module is as important as the other.

Is the course limited on time?

Passion is an important attribute to display from the start, this is the initial step you will take to show you have it, and so the duration of the course is therefore determined by you.

By completing this course do I have to apply to specific airlines?

This course has been designed specifically to mould you into being successful for a position of cabin crew; you will be given the ability to contact an advisor whenever you wish to do so. Your country of birth and residence will determine the airline to which you can apply to.

Is the course information up to date?

The information provided here will be updated periodically, to ensure you are aware of changes in the airline industry; our advisors have backgrounds in recruitment and ex cabin crew who will be there to support your every move.

What is the minimum height for cabin crew?

Most airlines require cabin crew to be a minimum of 5ft2 (158cm) to 6ft3 (193cm) tall for safety reasons to ensure that cabin crew are able to reach safety equipment. Weight restrictions will also apply to many airlines.

Do I have to be in the UK to do this course?

As this course is online it will be available to anyone aspiring to be future cabin crew.

What are the swimming requirements for airlines?

All airlines require the ability to swim. This is a requirement governed from the aviation authorities as it is for safety. However this is why this course is in place, it is here to guide you. If you cannot swim, you could do this alongside studying this course. It is not a requirement for THIS course but is for the airline industry. As you gain the certificate you can also gain confidence in your ability to swim.

Is there a pass mark?

Each module is set to make sure you understand the content and what is being shown. As this information cannot be obtained from airlines, your full understanding and attention is required.

I wear glasses is that allowed?

This information should be made known to the airline, however if your eye sight requires visual correction by means of contact lenses or glasses then this should not incur any problems.

Will tattoos stop me from being cabin crew?

Airlines require visible tattoos to be removed as you will be an ambassador for them, presentation is of a high importance, and any hidden tattoos should still be disclosed.

Will I get recruited after doing this course?

This course has been designed to fully equip you with the understanding and knowledge of cabin crew. To work alongside you for the recruitment process.

I can only speak English is that a problem?

That by no means is a problem at all; all airlines require a good standard of English as this is a worldwide language. Secondary languages are always a bonus, if your level of English is not reasonable you could encounter some difficulties.

Is it necessary to attend a training course?

For the online course there will be no training class as such, however we do provide a workshop held to guide you for the recruitment process.

I’ve seen more websites like this, why should I choose this one?

Well, this online course is recognized worldwide by all airlines. It will give you a bigger advantage and understanding of the role in cabin crew regardless of which airline you apply to, from the moment you register you will have complete support.

What are the minimum grades required?

Individual airlines change their requirements on a regular basis, it is therefore vital to check directly with your chosen airline. However, it is industry standard to request candidates to have atleast GCSE's. Example for British Airways Mixed Fleet, the minimum requirements are Have 3 GCSEs at Grade C or above or the equivalent (excluding General Studies and Critical Thinking).

I’m worried I don't meet the minimum criteria

Well, this online course is recognized worldwide by all airlines. It will give you a bigger advantage and understanding of the role in cabin crew regardless of which airline you apply to, from the moment you register you will have complete support. If you are worried you don't meet the criteria please email our support team prior to enrolling. We will discuss your individual circumstances and advice you accordingly. As our site provides instant access to the complete diploma, we are unable to refund candidates who fail to meet the requirements. We are however committed to assisting you reach the minimum criteria and offer alternative employment routes.