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Future Cabin Crew employ ex cabin crew recruiters, who have written extensive recruitment guides and videos to help you succeed in your cabin crew interview.

We coach you through the entire process, so you are fully prepared and there are no hidden suprises. Whatsmore, we have interview guides for many of the worlds leading airlines, giving you full information into the interview process.

We equip you with the industry secrets, and show you how 90% of candidates fail at cabin crew interviews. This, will intern help develop your invidiual skills to become cabin crew, and ensure you succeed at your cabin crew interview.




  • Grooming requirements for interview
  • How to create a positive first impression
  • How to interact with your fellow candidates
  • How to interact with the interviewers
  • How to behave in the group work tasks
  • What the interviewers are looking for in group work tasks and role play tasks
  • How to prepare for the final interview
  • How to answer the most difficult of questions
  • Examples and key competencies, to help you succeed with your interview.


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